10 years ago the #disposablebook was published and it's still one of my most proud projects. This is @lancemountain bailing at Kelly Belmar's for the cover of Disposable. He made plenty and hopefully isn't bummed I published a bail of him. He was my favorite skateboarder growing up so I was honored to be able to photograph him for the book. I'm terrified of doing inverts because I don't want to smash my face on the coping so I love this bail because he didn't. Check out his shadow. The board smacked me on the chest but luckily my friend Eric Bentley was holding onto my shirt from behind so I wouldn't fall in the pool. This was my first full DSLR shoot. I borrowed a #canon 1ds and fisheye from Surfing Magazine to make the photo and had a MacBook ready to preview everything in Quark. It was the easiest shoot I'd done to date because there was no guessing as there would have been with film. I bought a #dslr shortly after this and never looked back at film. #tbt #throwbackthursday Thanks @seancliver for bringing me into this project! @board_hoarder here's one.

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