These are the last 3 rolls of film I shot in 2004. I never had them developed. Instead they sit on a shelf reminding me of a time past and also a great and important change. If you're a film person you may want to stop reading now because traditional film and printing is extremely toxic to the environment and should be banned. Film and photo paper are both made from silver which is a non renewable precious metal and the chemicals used to process both paper and film are extremely toxic/caustic and have never been appropriately taken care of by anyone in the photo industry (yes, I worked at numerous film processing labs and probably lost a few years of life because of it) but seem to be making a come back for nostalgic reasons. Digital is not only better for our environment but also less expensive and the quality far surpasses film. There isn't even grounds for discussion of this anymore and the only people who will argue this is skateboard photographers (many of my friends) but the rest of the professional photographic world knows the difference. #ilovedigital #goodriddancefilm #provia #fujifilm #kodak #tmax #nolongerlimitedtothirtysixexposures #treehugger #yourfilmlookisafilternow

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